Riot Games Announced Valorant YR1 Events to Celebrate It’s Birthday

Exactly one year ago, on June 2, 2020, Riot Games released Valorant worldwide. Today is the first birthday of Valorant with concurrent 14 million active players. To celebrate this wonderful journey, Riot Games announced ‘ ‘Valorant YR1’, a slate of events to celebrate the whole month.

Valorant YR1 events

The YR1 events have specific start and end dates. Night Market and Give Back Bundle voting are starting today.


valorant yr1 events

The night market is back again with a collection of six random skins available to purchase, discounted, and unique to you. Open Valorant and click on the card on the right side shop option. Then click on those six cards to reveal your night market offers. Some skins go on sale with as high as 46% discounts. The night market will close on June 14.


Give back Bundle is an event where you can vote for some skins and most voted skins will come together as a bundle for a reasonable price. Click here and cast vote for your favorite skins between June 2-7. Most voted skin names will be announced on June 16 and available for purchase the bundle from June 22-July 8. 50% money of weapon skin purchases and 100% of accessories will go to Riot Games social impact fund.


Riot will also give away 3 limited edition YR1 player cards which represent Episode 1, 2, and 3.

Here’s how to redeem:

  • EP1 (6/9) – Keep your eyes peeled for where to find this drop
  • EP2 (6/14) – Coming your way via a special YR1 Prime Gaming Drop
  • EP3 – Collect as part of the first-ever YR1 Event Pass (see more below)


This is a different type of event among all these. Here every region will be able to vote any Sprays, Gun Buddies, and titles that best reflect their local region. Then Riot staff will review and some items of voted ones will be available with a battle pass in Episode 4.

Voting will run locally, and your local VALORANT channel will share more details about it. So keep an eye on your local Valorant social pages.


This a music and art festival that happened earlier this year is coming back to celebrate YR1. Many artists Around the world will perform at this event.
For the latest festival info, including the full talent line-ups as they drop, follow Crown Channel and @PlayVALORANT on Twitter.

YR1 EVENT PASS (6/22 TO 7/6)

This a small and special game pass that is free for all. There are no requirements, neither any VP needed to be spent. It will have 7 levels with exclusive items like a player card, a gun buddy, and more. All you have to do is play and earn XP to level up the pass and unlock.


Episode 3 will begin when YR1 ends. In the meantime, a panel of devs behind the game will host a live stream and discuss with players about Episode 3.
Live on Twitch, June 21 at 10 AM PT.

SQUAD BOOST (6/22 TO 7/26)

If you are a solo player then sad news for you, this an event for team players. This event will run for almost 1 month starting from 22 June to 26 July. In Between this time, you will gain extra XP in all modes except custom match.
Your boost depends on your party size. If you play with another friend and you get 8% extra XP. Form a triple threat and you get 12%. Queue with four, and you get more—that’s 16%. Five-stack and you earn a 20% XP boost.


After the YR1 events, Episode 3 will start. Like previous episodes, level up your Battlepass and unlock staffs. Nothing special here. Anyway, devs will share more about Episode 3 in EP3 livestream.


They have not said anything specifically about the new agent. But one new agent is coming as it’s been 6 months since Yoru was released.

Stay tuned to our website, we will share more details about these events and let us know which event you are excited about.

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