How to Change Region in Valorant

Regional pricing is not always an optimal solution. Sometimes you have to pay a higher price for skins than your friends of neighbor countries. That’s why players are creating different region Valroant accounts to buy skins. Here’s how to change region in Valorant.

For this problem, there are two solutions. If you already have a Valorant account, you can change the region of this account. But It’s a complex process that needs 2 weeks of time and doesn’t work always. The second solution is pretty simple, just create a new account with your preferred region. This guide is about the second solution.

How to Change Region in Valorant

Step 1: Connect A VPN

You will need a VPN, you can use any free or premium VPN. We will use ProtonVPN to create a Malaysian region Valroant account. Open the VPN and connect to your desired country.

How to change region in valorant

Step 2: Check Your IP Location

After that check your IP location on to make sure that the VPN is working properly.

change region in valorant

If you see your desired country in the IP location then your VPN is working fine.

Step 3: Create An Account

Then, go to or and create a new account. After creating the account, log in and go to personal information. There you will find your account region like this image below.

valorant malaysian region

The main point is when you create a new account, the region will be based on your IP location. So, double-check your IP location before creating a Valorant account.

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