Apex Legends: Seer’s Abilities Have Been Nerfed

Respawn has released a new Apex Legends update that weakens the latest Battle Royale legend Seer after multiple complaints from players.

Seer is the latest legend to join the Apex Legends list. He was added to the game at the beginning of season 10. Many people praised his design and ability (on paper). But when Seer finally entered the game, the player felt that the ability of this character—especially the ability of Heart Seeker, which allows him to see and hear the heartbeat of nearby enemies—breaks Apex Legends’ actions.

The calls for weakening came soon, and now these calls have been answered.

As you can see from the Respawn tweet above, seer has received a lot of balance changes, especially in terms of passivity, tactics, and ultimate abilities. Heart Seeker is a passive ability of the Seer, now the wait time between sensor peaks is longer, the range is shortened, and the field of view is also shortened.

Seer’s tactical capabilities, focused attention, seeing Seer use drones to damage and mark nearby enemies to reveal their location and remaining health. The drone will also disrupt any abilities the enemy may be using. Drone detonation time has been increased, and players marked by the drone will no longer take damage or flashes.

Additionally, Seer player’s movement speed will be slower when using concentration.

Exhibit is Seer’s ultimate ability: it creates a dome that is essentially a drone. Anyone’s location in the pavilion is revealed. Since the cooldown has been increased from 90 seconds to 120 seconds, after today’s balance update, Prophet players must now wait longer to use this ultimate.

Basically, Seer aims to reveal the enemy’s location, making it difficult to jump on him. After today’s update, this is still the case, but Seer players now need to be more patient when using Legends.

Some people have said that these weakenings are not enough, but in most cases, online gamers seem to be pleased with the balance change.

However, on the Apex Legends subreddit, players are not so excited. The main Seer nerf discussion post from the subreddit, the player’s main complaint seems to be that Seer can still interrupt the treatment between enemy players.

Considering that Seer’s ability will still interrupt the treatment, Rebirth seems to believe that the possibility of interruption is crucial to the legendary game style. Who knows? Perhaps another weakening will change the situation.

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