Apex Legends Shader Bug is Ruining Gameplay

There have been strange bugs in Apex Legends, as there have been in any modern live service games. This time strange shader glitches have been causing the game to become surreal and difficult to play in recent weeks.

Apex Legends Shader Bug is Ruining Gameplay

Apex Legends Shader Bug is Ruining Gameplay
apex legends bug
Apex Legends Shader Bug
Apex Legends Shader Bugs

As one of the most popular battle royale games, Apex Legends offers players a relatively stable experience. For those who prefer a more structured play style, the game also offers close-quarters competitive modes. However, it appears that fans of all modes are at risk of running into the latest glitch.

Recently Apex Legends bugs have tended to be more gameplay-related than visual in nature. As an example, the beginning of an Apex Legends match in a video uploaded by Reddit user Bighusky89 provides a glimpse into some of Apex Legends’ visual issues. To make things more interesting, everything has been rendered in blue and purple tones. When this bug is fixed, every wall and floor in the game will have a shimmering new color. It is beautiful to look at but makes the game harder to play. In fact, it’s possible that the video has been edited because it’s visible behind the transparent UI elements.

According to the title, the problem occurred when downloading the game’s shaders, which may help narrow down the cause. Game shaders are usually either precompiled by the developer or compiled on the first run to optimize performance in order to achieve the best results. Also, custom shaders can be used in games that allow mods, such as Minecraft, which has mod support. A blue world can appear if either the official shaders are corrupt or if the player uses an unsupported third-party shader. Despite the fact that it is unclear where Bighusky89 obtained the shaders from, the issue is still strange.

Shader issues are usually resolved by recompiling or redownloading the shaders, or the entire game if there is no recompile option and the shaders are not available on their own, as is the case in most cases. If you’re playing a competitive game like Apex Legends, this becomes a major issue very quickly. In spite of the backlash from fans, Apex Legends thrives on careful balancing, and losing a match due to an unexpected issue is understandable.

Hopefully, a redownload will fix the problem. Although redownloading an Apex Legends update may be difficult due to its large file size, it is possible. If you’re not dealing with it, it’s still a buggy shader, even if the game isn’t unplayable.

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