Elden Ring Speedrunner has Beaten the game in Under 9 Minutes

The game has now been beaten in less than nine minutes by an Elden Ring speedrunner.

Distortion2 of YouTube has slashed his time to only 8 minutes and 56 seconds by largely employing the Zip glitch, which allows players to teleport between different regions of the map.

Elden Ring Speedrunner Distortion2 Record

Since making the first under-30 minute speedrun a month ago, Distortion2 has shaved minutes off his time day after day, thanks to various flaws that allow the majority of the game to be bypassed.

There are a variety of speedrun types available, including runs that do not take damage, runs that do not cause damage and more comprehensive playthroughs in which players defeat all of Elden Ring’s key bosses.

Players will undoubtedly develop new ways to play and exploit Elden Ring for years to come, culminating in even more absurd speed runs down the road, similar to Dark Souls and Bloodborne.

Players discovered a way to make the iconic boss Starscourge Radahn defeat himself just last week, for example, by enticing him to the water’s edge, where he splashes in and drowns.

Elden Ring’s other strange secrets have so far been revealed in the game files, including a pair of elegant undergarments and a concealed wall that only opens after 50 hits.

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