Fracture is Going to Change Valorant’s Playstyle

As promised, Riot Games is adding another new map in its competitive FPS game Valorant after almost 6 months of Breeze’s release. The new map is called Fracture which was officially announced on Wednesday.

This new map will be the most unique map of Valorant. It reverses attackers and defenders and makes both sides play a little differently than they’re used to. It is shaped like a giant letter “H.”  There are two bomb sites on the map with the connecting section of the “H” in-between.

You may think the middle section to be the attacker’s spawn, but it isn’t. The defenders begin each round in the center of the H-shaped map. Meanwhile, the attackers can pinch in toward the defenders from either side. To help make transitioning from one area of the map to another a little easier, It also has zip lines that go under the map and allow for quick rotations. Plus, it will have interactive objects related to the game’s narrative.

Though Riot didn’t share any clear layout of the map in the map trailer but we can see two distinct sides, both of them appear to be abandoned. There’s only one difference: one’s overgrown with vegetation, while the other is covered in sand and dust.

This represents a significant change from this game’s usual format, which places defenders in positions that encourage passive play, allowing attackers to push into them. In contrast, the spawns on this map often put the defender in a position where they must make the first move.

This map also has more lore than any other map. This map depicts two mirror versions of reality, which serves as a prelude to the game’s larger story — and explains why two versions of the same Agent might face off in a match. While we don’t know much about the world other than its mirrored concept, there are interactable clues scattered throughout Fracture that should shed some new light on Valorant’s two realities.

New Valorant Map Fracture Release Date

Fracture is coming with Episode 3 Act II which is scheduled to drop around September 9 to Valorant. It will come as a part of the patch 3.05 update. This means players will be able to play it from next week.

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  1. Ok so hear me out…. what if the map only had 1 bomb site, but tons of ways into it? Would this be something you think Riot might try out? At first it sounds silly, but I think if done right it might lead to some interesting gameplay.

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