Gambit won the Grand Final of VCT Masters 3 Berlin

In the best series of five matches in the final, Gambit Esports won 3 matches in a row with each game extremely close between the two sides, and secured their first-ever VALORANT Championship Tour.

Gambit didn’t get the win so easily. Every match was so close; the scores were 15-13 in Bind, 13-11 in Haven, and 13-9 in Split. Gambit didn’t drop a single map in the final and thus won the tournament. But Envy also played really well and made them fight hard for each game.

However, Gambit’s victory over Envy served as a microcosm of the entire Stage 3 Masters competition. To begin with, Sentinels, a team widely believed to be among the finest in the world, was knocked out to an early lead against Envy from the EMEA region.

The tide began to swing, however, in favour of EMEA, as evidenced by G2 Esports’ surprising 2-0 win over Sentinels.

But the surprises didn’t end there. They kept coming. It was a back-to-back upset for Team Envy after they beat 100 Thieves in the semifinals to get to the finals of VCT Stage 3 Masters, as they knocked out Sentinels in the round of 8.

The trophy is so heavy. 😂

Upsets were not uncommon on the opposing bracket. Gambit surprised everyone by defeating G2 Esports 2-0 to advance to the grand finals. As neither top team from either Western region made it to the final of the VCT Stage 3 Masters, despite the fact that recent results favored EMEA teams over NA teams.

Because Gambit had already qualified for VCT 2021 Champions at the end of the season, its triumph in Berlin provided the EMEA with an additional qualifying team.

Gambit Esports won Final of VCT Masters 3 Berlin

Valorant Final of VCT Masters 3 Berlin
Final of VCT Masters 3 Berlin
Final of VCT Masters 3 Berlin

As a result, Fnatic has qualified for VCT Champions 2021 as one of the EMEA delegates due to Gambit’s official representative seed now being the winner of VCT Masters Stage 3, not strictly a regional representative.

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  1. No one talks about about him but d3ffo was really consistent the whole tournament. He even beat yay with the OP in crucial rounds on Bind and Haven

  2. Chronicle is Finals MVP, Nats overall tourney MVP. Just a cracked team.

    Also my COPIUM take is that Vision Strikers were the 2nd best team in Berlin that unfortunately ran into a juggernaut in quarters

  3. I know people were high on nats which is true but holyshit chronicles is actually built different, sova brimstone viper he can do it all

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