GTA 6 is in Development Hell & Restated A Few Times, Says Leaker

GTA 6 development was begun right before Dan Houser left Rockstar Games in 2020. Also, it’s currently in a chaotic situation and has been rebooted since it started, according to a Rockstar leaker.

The Game has already undergone modifications prior to Houser’s departure, with the story of the game-changing before he left and development on the game restarting when he departed — and Houser’s departure from Rockstar is a “direct result” of this, according to Chris from Rockstar Mag.

The NeoGAF report goes on to suggest that Rockstar is unable to share any information on GTA 6 because it was originally planned for 2020.

GTA 6 Leak

“they changed the story and other game elements too many times in 2019, so don’t count on something related to GTA VI soon. This is the most chaotic project R * has managed to date. More than RDR 1 and GTA IV. He didn’t want to develop but that’s not a good sign”.

Chris also confirmed that the game will be taking place in 2 different time periods, and that the map and other elements are “changing so fast, it’s useless to share anything”. The post on NeoGAF continues: “Rockstar is aiming for something more mainstream for GTA VI. (Please note that I’m using mainstream but it’s a bit ‘strong’ for the original meaning in French. The literal traduction is ‘general audience’)”.

“Red Dead Redemption Remastered is happening for Xbox Series/PS5/PC but is not set to release soon. Expect something like GTA Trilogy Remastered (not a full remake, but more than a simple resolution upscale). No remaster for GTA IV, and GTA V current-gen could be postponed again (maybe April/May).”

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