Industry Insider Hints at Possible Release of Bully 2 after Gta VI

Rockstar Games fans may have something to look forward to in the coming years, as an industry insider suggests that the long-awaited Bully 2 could be in the works. According to Tez2, a well-known leaker in the gaming community, the sequel to the cult classic Bully game could be released after the much-anticipated Grand Theft Auto VI, which is expected to arrive in 2025.

While Grand Theft Auto VI has been confirmed to be in “active development” since early 2022, leaked footage of the game has caused some damage to its image, with many fans mistakenly believing that it represents a recent stage in development. However, the leaked footage is said to be from about a year ago, and the game is now in a much more advanced state of development.

Tez2’s opinion on Bully 2 release date:

Tez2, who previously suggested that Grand Theft Auto VI would have single-player DLC, claims that Bully 2 had two years of active development before being shelved at an undisclosed point. With the next Grand Theft Auto game expected to be released in 2025, fans of Bully are hopeful that Rockstar Games will pick up where it left off and release the much-anticipated sequel after the release and support of Grand Theft Auto VI.

However, some fans remain skeptical, as a previous leaker claimed that Bully 2 would be revealed at The Game Awards 2021, which did not happen. As with any rumors, fans will have to wait for official confirmation from Rockstar Games to know for sure whether Bully 2 is indeed in the works.

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