PlayStation 5 got Full Discord Integration

A fresh PS5 update from Sony now contains the eagerly awaited Discord integration. PS5 owners can now join Discord calls on their consoles thanks to version 7 of the PS5 software, which is also available for all PS5 consoles. Version 7 also brings improvements to 1440p resolution, data transfer between PS5 consoles, and a new feature that lets you record gameplay audio using your voice.

Owners of the PS5 will be able to transfer a Discord call to their console using the Discord app on a Desktop or mobile device. Because of this, you cannot directly connect to Discord servers on a PS5 without utilizing a mobile device or a PC to relay the call, which is remarkably similar to how Microsoft initially announced support for Discord on the Xbox last year.

But, the Discord integration is great. Once a call has been transferred, you can see your friends on Xbox, PC, and other devices in it. Until the call is terminated, it appears on the PS5 dashboard as a party in a different app. You won’t be able to see any Discord chat messages, stream your console screen to the Discord call, or watch other Discord users’ streams as only voice calls are currently supported.

Crossplay is greatly improved with Discord integration, which enables PS5 users to communicate with Xbox and PC players without relying on in-game chat options. Last year, Microsoft upgraded its own Xbox Discord integration, enabling Xbox owners to join voice channels directly from the device without the need for a phone or computer. Hopefully Sony will follow suit in the upcoming months.

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