Pokemon Presents Roundup – Here’s what You Should Know

During todays Pokemon Presents video presentation, new details were revealed for Pokemon Brilliant DiamondPokemon Shining Pearl, and Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Pokemon fans are getting new updates, gameplay elements, more Pokemon, and new customization options in free-to-play MOBA Pokémon Unite, five-year-old mobile game Pokémon Go, Pokémon Masters EX, and puzzle game Pokémon Cafe Mix. Sadly there’s no update information on Pokémon Sleep. Here’s are the biggest reveals from the video presentation.

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Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

These games were first released in 2006, and have been faithfully reproduced and colorfully revitalized for Nintendo Switch. A Nintendo Switch remake of these games is coming soon. They will feature the originals’ minigames, like the Pokémon Super Contests, the Underground with the dowsing minigame, and your secret base.

Also, a new Nintendo Switch Lite console featuring Dialga and Palkia will release alongside them.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus will mix up battles and four Pokemon

When battles begin, players will have a few different “style” options for battling in a turn-based fashion — “strong” or “agile” styles, which change statistics on specific moves, depending on situations. Likewise, some Pokémon may be able to take a few turns in a row, based on their statistics. The turn-based mechanics definitely look familiar, but the changes look intriguing.

Four new Pokémon evolutions and variations are coming to the game’s new Hisui region: Wyrdeer, Hisuian Growlithe, Hisuian Braviary, and Basculegion, a terrifying new evolution of Basculin.

Pokemon UNITE is Coming to Mobile in September

Pokémon UNITE will be available for download on ios and android devices on September 22, 2021, and is already available in Nintendo Switch. The mobile version will support cross-play with the Switch version. Two more playable Pokémon are coming to Pokémon Unite as well: Mamoswine and Sylveon.



Pokémon GO
Pokémon from the Galar region will be making an appearance in Pokémon GO from August 20 to August 31, 2021. Wooloo, Skwovet, and Falinks can be encountered in the wild, while Galarian Legendary Pokémon Zacian will be making its debut in five-star raids from August 20 to 26, followed by Zamazenta from August 26 to September 1. 

Pokémon Masters EX
In celebration of Pokémon Masters EX’s two-year anniversary, a new legendary event, Howling Shield of Eternity, and the power of Dynamaxing are coming to the game. From now until 10:59 p.m. PDT on September 15, 2021, players can assist Gloria, Hop, and Leon as they try to help the Legendary Pokémon Eternatus, which has arrived on the island along with a mysterious meteor. Playing through the event will reward players with the sync pair Hop & Zamazenta, gems, and other useful items. During the event, Sygna Suit Leon & Eternatus will also be making their debut in the sync pair scout, so Trainers can add them to their team. 

Trainers should also keep an eye out for the return of N and other sync pairs soon as part of the two-year anniversary celebration. N will be wearing an interesting new outfit and be paired with a Pokémon capable of doing damage to all foes at once.

Pokémon Café ReMix
Pokémon Café Mix, the touch-based puzzle game for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices, is getting a revamp this fall, along with a new name—Pokémon Café ReMix. Updates will include new puzzle elements, more Pokémon, new dress-up options, and more ways of growing and developing staff Pokémon.

Pokémon are now able to eat the delicious meals prepared for them, making them more friendly and more willing to become staff Pokémon. New puzzle skills that will make it easier to clear puzzles will also be introduced in Pokémon Café ReMix, as well as the ability to combine megaphones to make them more powerful. Golden acorns collected in Pokémon Café Mix will transfer to Pokémon Café ReMix.

Source: The Pokemon Company

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