RDR2 Fan-Made Poster Highlights Arthur’s Honor Level

It’s no wonder that fans are still giving tributes to Red Dead Redemption 2‘s characters and themes three years after the game’s initial release. Recently, a Red Dead Redemption 2 player published a fan-made poster that gives attention to the story’s honor system.

For example, defending civilians from criminals and animals, or helping lawmen, will earn you honor in the RDR2. In contrast, it can also be lost by resisting law enforcement, helping offenders, or attacking innocent people. Red Dead Redemption 2’s honor system shares many similarities with other video games’ morality systems, but it has a direct impact on Arthur Morgan’s personality and ideals, as well as whether or not he finds peace in death at the game’s conclusion.

u/FireElla5, a reddit user created a poster that illustrates Red Dead Redemption 2’s honor system and how it affects Arthur Morgan, who is already morally dubious by default. In the poster, Arthur Morgan’s face is shown up close, the right side is bathed in a soothing blue glow while the left side is enveloped in hellish red light. There are honor symbols on either side of him that provide light. Above his head is a message that says: “The choice is yours. Be good. Be bad. Maybe a little of both.”

It appears that most fans believe Arthur Morgan’s story makes the most sense in the context of a high honor level, although Red Dead Redemption 2 took inspiration from samurai films to guarantee that his character would function regardless of how players chose to complete the game’s difficulties. When John Marston’s family is in danger, the charming rogue will risk his life to get them out of harm’s path. A high-honor player will remember more optimistic statements from the past, whereas a low-honor player will recollect more defeatist ones.

As of this writing, fans appear to have greeted the poster with open arms, with one even going so far as to declare that it lacks any flaws. Other users suggested a few minor changes, but they didn’t seem to detract from their enjoyment. Another person inquired, jokingly or seriously, about where they might purchase a physical copy of the poster. This isn’t the first time Red Dead fans have attempted to replicate Red Dead relics and fan creations in the real world. However, as of this writing, this poster has received lots of positive feedback.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is available now on PC, PS4, Stadia, Xbox One & PS5, Xbox Series X via backward compatibility.

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