Resident Evil’s Leon S. Kennedy has Joined In Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege and Resident Evil are pairing up for another crossover event for another operator’s elite set. As players may remember, earlier this year, during Year 6 Season 1, Siege introduced Zofia’s elite set. Zofia’s elite uniform introduced Resident Evil’s Jill Valentine to Team Rainbow.

The end of Year 6 Season 2 will see another staple of the Resident Evil franchise join the game. Leon S Kennedy will meet Team Rainbow as a part of Lion’s recently released elite set. The elite set was released on Tuesday, Aug. 17. For those interested in obtaining Lion’s elite set, here’s what you need to know:

How to get the Leon S Kennedy skin in Rainbow Six Siege

All players need to do to obtain the Leon S Kennedy Lion elite uniform is purchase the Elite Lion R.E. Bundle available on Siege’s in-game shop. The bundle costs 1800 R6 credits which can also be purchased on the in-game shop for players who don’t have enough.

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