Riot Teased Two Clips of Valorant’s New Map

It’s been four months since Riot Games released Breeze map, the latest entry in Valorant. They have planned to add new maps every 6 months. So we are just 2 months away from getting a new map.

So Riot has already started teasing the new map. They have teased clips & images of the map a few times in the past few weeks and today they revealed two new short clips of different locations from the map on social media.

Riot posted the first clip on Valorant’s official Twitter & Instagram Story at 8 pm PDT, August 30 hours ago which is 4 seconds long. The second one is 2 seconds long & it was posted at 8 am PDT, August 31.

Valorant Map Teaser Clips

The first teaser shows a massive hole in the facility’s roof caused by a malfunctioning unstable reactor. There appear to be some ropes on either side of the hole, which could be a hint that the map will use them in some way like on Breeze or Icebox, but this is just speculation. Here’s the second clip:

In the second clip, we can see an unstable energy source breaking out from a top-down view. These clips are consistent with other teasers released by Riot in recent days.

A week ago they posted an image that shows the entire map from the side. That image shows a view of what could be the whole map, including some map details & the unstable reactor in the heart of the map that appears in the latest teasers.

According to well-known & trusted Valorant leaker, Mike, this map’s codename is Canyon. Riot first teased the map in Act 2: Episode 3’s battle pass items where we saw a side view of the whole map from a long distance.

Usually, a new map comes with a new episode, and the currently running Act 2: Episode 3 will end on September 8. It’s too soon for a map to be released and  VCT Masters Three: Berlin will be held on September 10. Riot won’t do something to draw away attention from that event right now. So, most probably, the map will be released with Act 3, which should be sometime in October 2021.

They didn’t say anything about the map’s name or release date. So, take the map name with a grain of salt and stay tuned.

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