Sentinels Won the Grand Final of the Valorant Championship Tour Masters 2

Sentinels beat Fnatic to win the grand final of VALORANT Champions Tour Masters 2 at Reykjavík, Iceland, this Sunday(30). In the best series of five matches, Sentinels won 3 matches in a row with each game extremely close between the two sides and secured their first-ever VALORANT global championship.

Sentinels are new Valorant Champion

Sentinels didn’t get the win so easily. Every match was so close; the scores were 14-12 in Split, 16-14 in Bind, and 13-11 in Haven. Everyone thought Sentinels would dominate the final as they never dropped a map and thus ended the tournament undefeated at the first LAN for VALORANT. But Fnatic also played really well and made them fight hard for each game. Tyson “TenZ” Ngo played really well and dominated every map as a top fragger for Sentinels.

The grand finale started at Split and the map picked by Sentinels. They won the match by 14-12 in overtime. TenZ got 24 kills and led his team. Fnatic’s MAGNUM also got the same amount of kills with two fewer deaths. Fnatic almost always banned the map before the final but did very well against Sentinels.

In Ascent, again match situation went to overtime as the teams refused to give up anyway, though Sentinels finished the game with a 16-14 win. And again, TenZ was the top fragger with 33 kills. He played superbly and showed how deadly Reyna could be.

The third and final game was on Haven which was picked by Sentinels. The map leaned in Sentinels’ favor and they dominated the first half from the attacking side. They ended the half with 9-3 scoreline. Everyone thought that they would close the series relatively quickly. But in the second half, Fnatic won 6 rounds in a row and came back to the match. Then Sentinels won 4 rounds straight and the scoreline was 12-9. Again Fnatic won 2 rounds from them. In the 24th round, ShahzaM killed the remaining 2 players and ended the match with 13-11. As always TenZ was the top fragger for his team with 22 kills with a 28% headshot rate.

“It’s crazy man,” Sentinels In-Game Leader Shahzeb “ShahZaM” Khan said in the post-match interview. “We made this team over a year ago now, there was a lot of doubt . . .  but like this proves the point, don’t let anyone else tell you what you can and cannot do. Don’t let others decide your future, we put the work in and we are here now.”

Sentinels got enough points to participate in Valorant Masters, stage 3, which will be held in Berlin, Germany, at the end of this year. Anyway, VALORANT just dropped a new cinematic before the last game, and with that, you can claim a limited edition player card. To claim the player card, click here and use the code YTILAUD. You only have 48 hours to do this. Also watch the latest cinematic, Duality here:

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  1. Best in the World @Sentinels. #FullSEN always.
    Watching this team from start and they clearly just better than the rest.

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