Stardew Valley is Becoming Esports With $40,000 Prize pool

Stardew Valley creator Eric Barone officially announced the Stardew Valley Cup, which means the famous recreational farming simulator has now become… esports?

The Stardew Valley Cup will have four teams competing against each other: Sandy’s Candies, Pieree’s Cherries, Pam’s Yams and Krobus’s Crocuses. The four teams will compete against each other in the Cup on September 4. They will complete a series of tasks to earn points and have a chance to receive nearly $ 40,000 in prizes.

Stardew Valley Cup

The competition was held in cooperation with Unsurpassable Z, a YouTuber known for creating game content. In a video on YouTube, Unsurpassable Z explained that they have listed a hundred different challenges that the team must complete in the cup. Each completed challenge is worth a different number of points, and the unsurpassed Z is calculated and assigned based on difficulty. Each team will compete at the same time to get as many points as possible during the game.

Challenges for the Stardew Valley Cup range from completing tasks in the community center to reaching the 100th floor of the Skull Cavern. Each team has two weeks to review the list of challenges and prepare its strategy accordingly. In addition to the list of tasks already provided, Unsurpassable Z also stated that it will add five challenges that the team does not know about beforehand. At approximately $ 40,000, we believe competitors will modify potential contingency plans for unknown tasks in the coming weeks.

With the popularity of this game, it is not surprising that Stardew Valley announced that it will host an official competitive tournament. Stardew Valley, which has previously been ported to Switch, mobile devices and game consoles, will make its Xbox Pass debut later this year, while the Stardew Valley board game will be released earlier this year.

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