Valorant Doodle Buds Bundle – Release Date, Price, and Skins

Each time Valorant releases a new patch, they give us a new skin bundle. And, with the release of Patch 4.07 today, we’ll be getting a new bundle. The Endeavour skin collection is the most recent Bundle and the next bundle is Doodle Buds.

So far, we’ve seen several extravagant skins as well as some ordinary skin sets. The community always has conflicting feelings about each one. But for now, let’s take a peek at the upcoming package and its price.

Valorant Doodle Buds Release date

Doodle Buds bundle is coming on Thursday the 14th April with Valorant Patch 4.07 globally. It will stay in the store for next weeks until Wednesday ,April 27.

Valorant Doodle Buds Skins

Knife fans will be disappointed, as the combo does not include a melee weapon as far as we know. Here is the list of skins coming with Doodle Buds bundle:

  • Ares
  • Phantom
  • Marshal
  • Stinger
  • Shorty

According to ValorLeaks, this collection have three color variants, but no confirmation about upgrade levels, or finishers.

Valorant Doodle Buds Bundle Cost

Doodle Buds is a premium tier skin bundle. The bundle includes 5 skins, 3 playercards and 3 sprays.

  • Price per Skin – 1775VP
  • Price per Playercard – 375VP
  • Price per Spray – 325VP
  • Estimated Bundle Price – 7100VP

Valorant Doodle Buds Variations

As of now, Riot has not confirmed anything but most probably it will have 4 variants. Two of the four variants are ‘League‘ and ‘Tactifriends‘.

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