Valorant is Getting Butterfly knife With Military-Inspired Recon bundle

VALORANT fans, your prayers have finally been answered – the butterfly knife is here.

Riot today released the military-inspired Recon Collection, allowing players to use “fully equipped weapons, all accessory bells, and whistles.” The long-awaited Butterfly Knife Melee and Phantom, Ghost, Specter, and Guardian cosmetics are also included in the bundle.

Valorant Recon Bundle Skin Butterfly knife melee skin

“Way early on in VALORANT’s development, we experimented around with having attachments similar to what you might see in a more mil-sim or grounded shooter,” art lead Sean Marino said. “While the idea of attachments for gameplay purposes didn’t make its way through to the final game, there has always been a select few on the team who really loved the look of grounded military weapons that were kitted out with various attachments. Recon is our attempt to capture that fantasy of being in a more traditional modern shooter, having a gun that feels more representative of something you might see in modern combat.”

Although the accessories did not appear in the final design of the tactical shooter, the developers used them as inspiration for the aesthetic of Recon. The leather mixes beige and black tones, as well as numerous side and bottom accessories, to create a suit look. They won’t have any impact on VALORANT’s gameplay, but the random model changes should satisfy players involved in PUBG, Rainbow Six, and other militaristic first-person shooters.

The Recon package belongs to the premium skin layer, and the total price is 7,100 VP. But players should be able to buy cosmetics separately, each weapon will cost 1,775 VP, and the Balisong butterfly knife price is 3550 VP. Players will be able to use Radianite Points to unlock upgrades such as ADS branding and custom models, random side and bottom accessories, and three camouflage variants (red, blue, and green). Butterfly Knife will also provide three variants, as well as custom animation and audio.

The Recon Collection should be available sometime today, although Sakura Collection still plans to go on sale one day.

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