Valorant Rank Grinding is Becoming Easier in Next Act

Are you stuck in Silver & tired of playing Valorant? If yes, don’t lose your hopes now. Because in the upcoming act, grinding to a higher Valorant rank maybe becoming a little easier.

In today’s dev blog post, Riot addressed VALORANT’s ranked distribution, noting that there are now too many users in the lower levels. Changes to the tac shooter’s matchmaker to increase game fairness appear to have had an effect on everyone’s MMR, lowering it “by a modest percent.”

Photo by Riot Games

“Now that we have gathered enough data, we can comfortably say our lower ranks have too many people in them, and our higher ranks not enough. Since your rank is tied to your MMR, this led to the whole player-base situated in a rank lower than intended (by a small amount).”

Jon Walker; competitive designer

The goal of Riot is to create a natural bell curve with the players in Silver and Gold. However, there are now too many players in lower tiers and not enough in upper ranks. For example, Iron Three presently houses 6.7 percent of VALORANT’s players. Riot would prefer a figure of 2.7 percent. Likewise, only 3.9 percent of gamers are in Gold Three, while only 2.2 percent are in Platinum Three. Riot wants those percentages to be 7.3 percent and 5.6%, respectively.

Photo by Riot Games

To address this issue, Riot intends to change the system in Episode Three, Act Two to make it easier to “climb a few ranks.” While these modifications seek to provide a more even ranked distribution, variables can still ruin the results.

What do you think about this MMR tweak? Let us know in the comment section.

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