Xbox Series X/S is Getting a 500GB Storage Expansion Card

Microsoft’s Xbox One X and Xbox One S consoles have been available for almost a year, and one of their main features is a lightning-fast solid-state drive (SSD). Even people can expand the storage up to 1TB with Seagate’s Xbox Storage card. But the problem is it’s cost $220 which is convenient but expensive.

Xbox fans have been requesting a cheaper option since the card was launched but neither Microsoft nor any SSD Manufacturer responded to their request until now. A wholesale retailer website claims that may be coming soon.

Seagate 1TB Storage Expansion Card for Xbox Series

According to a report from, Seagate’s 500GB storage expansion SSD option has been listed on wholesaler Innelec’s website. As per the listing, this cheaper option will cost you about €125, which is almost half the price of the 1TB model.

Although we can’t confirm right now whether this card exists or not but it makes perfect sense that having a less expensive option available in time for the holiday season could be profitable for Microsoft, making it a good gifting option. The new card would arrive just in time for upcoming games like Halo Infinite, Call of Duty: Vanguard, and Battlefield 2042, all of which are expected to be enormous in storage size.


Though Microsoft has not confirmed or denied anything about this retail listing. Until we hear something official or more concrete, it’s best to treat it with caution. However retail listings aren’t always trustworthy but this one looks promising.

Xbox Series X 500GB Storage Expansion Card

Xbox Series x 500gb storage expansion
Xbox Series x 500gb storage expansion

Using an external USB SSD/HDD and transferring your games back and forth from your internal Xbox storage is currently the most cost-effective method of expanding your Xbox Series X|S storage. Even though it’s time-consuming, this method can save you a lot of money until the 500GB option arrives.

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