Path of Exile 3.16.0b (Royale) Patch Notes

Game Mechanics

  • An optional boss fight spawns near the centre of the safe zone approximately 8 minutes after the beginning of the match. Players will be notified when it spawns and a minimap icon will point out its location to nearby players. Players who are able to kill the boss will be rewarded with a large amount of experience and guaranteed unique item drops.
  • The time taken for the circle to shrink for the first time has been increased from 45 seconds to 70 seconds, interpolating to the same 25 second time as previously for the final shrink.

Path of Exile 3.16.0b

Passive Skill Tree

  • Perpetual Motion no longer grants 10% chance to Dodge Attack Hits. It now grants 15% reduced Damage taken if you haven’t been Hit Recently, up from 10%
  • Blurred Form now grants +20% chance to Suppress Spell Damage instead of 10% chance to Dodge Spell Hits
  • Fanned Flames no longer causes Enemies ignited by you to have -10% to Fire Resistance, and the ignite chance it grants has been reduced from 25% to 20%
  • Wildfire Emissary’s ignite chance has been reduced from 25% to 10%


  • Elemental Hit now deals ~20% less damage to players
  • Sweep’s base attack speed has been increased from 70% to 80%
  • The number of additional arrows fired by Rain of Arrows has been increased from 12 to 15 at level 1
  • Searing Bond now deals ~40% more damage to players
  • The following gems have been updated in a similar way to their base game versions:
    • Fireball no longer has a bonus to ignite damage, and its chance to ignite has been lowered from 50% to 25%
    • Burning Arrow no longer has a bonus to ignite or stacks a burning debuff against ignited enemies, and its chance to ignite has been lowered from 50% to 25%. It now adds fire damage against burning enemies. It now deals ~20% less damage against players.
    • Incinerate’s final wave now deals 400% more damage with ignite, down from 800%
    • Spectral Throw mana cost reduced from 7 to 5 at level 1
    • Fortify Support no longer grants increased duration of fortification at levels above 1. It now grants supported skills 2% more hit and ailment damage for each level above 1.

Source: Path of Exile Official thread.

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