Warframe The New War: Hotfix 31.0.4 is Live Now With Lots of Changes & Fixes

The New War: Hotfix 31.0.4


  • Added an option to the launcher to disallow the use of network caches (these are allowed by default because they can greatly accelerate updates but on some networks these caches can be misconfigured and cause lengthy stalls in the launcher). The launcher will now restart the update process when changing allowed network caches.
  • Added a workaround for Network Not Responding warnings at the Navigation console when stuck on misconfigured networks. 
  • Removed and lowered the volume of some character exertion sounds in The New War Quest.
  • Cinematic polish towards a scene in The New War Quest. 
  • Little Duck has a new Offering (Captura Scene related to the Quest) for those who have completed The New War Quest!
  • Gyre Elite Outrider now correctly drops Zekti MK II weapons again.
  • Removed Trading eligibility for the Korumm.


  • Fixed a crash that could occur when fighting a miniboss in The New War Quest. 
  • Fixed a rare soft-lock during The New War Quest. 
  • Fixed the Teralyst getting stuck on the terrain if you’ve completed The New War Quest. 
  • Fixed getting stuck on a black screen when skipping a certain cinematic during The New War Quest. 
  • Fixed a progression stopper during The New War Quest if you escaped out a tileset hole.
  • Fixed a giant hitch when opening the “Nightwave Acts” screen due to spot-loading all the reward items.
  • Fixed a rare scenario where a certain mini-boss in The New War Quest could move to unreachable places. 
  • Fixed enemies spawning behind locked doors during a mini-boss fight in The New War Quest.
  • Fixed matchmaking errors when attempting to join a pre-New War Open Zone from a post-New War Open Zone. 
  • Fixed a post-New War ‘Cache Recover’ Bounty mission starting inside the base with objectives outside the base.
  • Fixed a momentary pop of gameplay before a cinematic triggered during The New War Quest. 
  • Fixed an error at the end of The New War Quest that could result in visual discrepancies. 
  • Fixed inability to drop power cells into the gravity conveyors in the Raptor boss-fight.
  • Fixed for latency when playing Narmer Shawzin notes quickly – trimmed samples, added a longer decay time to envelopes and also lowered gain to match other Shawzins.
  • Fixed ability to carry Data Masses and your Primary weapon at the same time – you should switch to your Secondary as intended now. 
  • Fixed Sentient kills in the Simulacrum counting towards Protovyre Armor Challenge progress.
  • Fixed some Dojo Decorations having their description tag linger in the HUD. Also fixes Helios thinking the Decorations are a valid scan target.
  • Fixed some missing Lotus VO/subtitles when replaying The War Within after completing The New War Quest.  
  • Fixes towards Drone pathing issues in the Plains post New War completion. 
  • Fixed flickering visuals at the mouth of a large vessel in The New War Quest. 
  • Fixed some floating objects in the Plains after completing The New War Quest.
  • Fixed Dojo room ‘Default’ colour option appearing locked, and cannot be selected.
  • Fixed Chains of Harrow Red Veil Fanatics bow targeting displaying square FX.
  • Fixed a script error when switching Personal Quarter Vignettes. 
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