SteelSeries Arctis 7+ Review

SteelSeries Arctis 7+ is the latest entry in their premium gaming headphone lineup. It has many features and is durable, but is a little pricey($169.99) compared to the other products they offer. However, the Arctis 7+ headset is specially made for PCs but it works fine with different devices, such as Playstation, Xbox, Phones and the Nintendo Switch. I would recommend this product to anyone who needs a wireless headset for their setup.


TypeCircumaural (over-ear), Gaming
True WirelessNo
Range12m, 40 ft
Connection TypeStereo 3.5mm, USB-C
Active Noise CancellationNo
Neodymium Drivers40 mm
Battery Life30+ hours
Mic Frequency Response100-6500 Hz
Microphone LocationRetractable

SteelSeries Arctis 7+ Review

Build Quality 

One earcup. It features a built-in boom microphone that is retractable when not in use and a red indicator to let you know when it’s muted. Along the bottom of this earcup are a charging port, proprietary connector, volume wheel and mute button. The power button and game/voice balance wheel are on the other earcup; this wheel controls mic sidetone instead of game/voice balance.


The Arctis 7 will connect to a variety of devices wirelessly and is compatible with USB-C. It comes with a 3.5mm compatible transmitter for connectivity and ease of use, as well as two additional cables for different connections in different devices: USB-C/USB-A and USB-C/USB-C.

The Arctis 7+ is currently in the process of being updated with a Sonar section, which will allow more customization options. Now available settings include a 10-band EQ and mic volume adjustments. Features to be added later are individual 10-band EQs for game audio and chat audio, with individual frequency adjustments for each band.

Sonar provides surround sound that can be adjusted. It also has several audio quality enhancements that can be adjusted on the fly.


The mic does a decent job of picking up my voice but sounds slightly fuzzy in the higher frequencies. This can be fixed with a dedicated USB microphone, but it’s not as crisp and clear.

The Arctis 7+ can put out solid bass. Bass stylings and kick drums in a bass test track came through with plenty of thumps but were not dangerously head-rattling. It was still not wise to listen to them at maximum volume, for even the speakers did not distort at that level.

When I listened to the Yes “Roundabout”, it shows off a generally strong, balanced audio balance. The headphones can create powerful bass and vocals as well as strong highs. I also found that when listening to The Crystal Method’s “Born Too Slow”, the bass is punchy enough to drive the track while the vocals and higher frequencies come through clearly.

The Arctis 7 can handle Fortnite and even boasts a Fortnite-specific EQ preset in Sonar. The sounds come through clearly with a good amount of bass, and the footstep’s sound effects and the gunfire are discernible.

The 7.1-channel virtual surround feature that is included in Sonar is a good program for videos, but it’s not as precise as Dolby Atmos or THX Spatial Audio.

Gaming Performance

I played Valorant with the Arctis 7+ and it sounds really good. I can assure you you won’t miss a footstep. The surround sound works fine, allowing users to coordinate their actions more easily.

This high-performance gaming headset has many features that allow you to customize the sound for your game or music listening experience. The mic is its weakest feature, but it does not affect quality.

There are high-end gaming headsets on the market that provide premium features, such as active noise cancellation and comfy design, that are priced comparably to the Arctis 7. If you’d like a more affordable option with comparable performance and other features such as wireless connectivity, please look to other headphones in this price range.

The Verdict

Steelseries Arctis 7+

Steelseries Arctis 7+
8 10 0 1
The SteelSeries Arctis 7+ is a well-built, good-sounding wireless gaming headset that has many connection options, and lots of audio tweaks when connected to a PC.
The SteelSeries Arctis 7+ is a well-built, good-sounding wireless gaming headset that has many connection options, and lots of audio tweaks when connected to a PC.
Total Score
Very good


  • Bass-forward, well-balanced sound
  • Robust sound customization features.
  • USB-C transmitter works with all devices


  • Disappointing frequency response consistency
  • Lacks Bluetooth connectivity

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