5 tips for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

The greatest galaxy in sci-fi is no longer far, far away thanks to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, which puts your favourite heroes and villains in thrilling turn-based battles. The fastest way to transform from a wee Padawan into a fierce Jedi Knight? Start here!

5 tips for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

1. Stay active

Don’t expect to defeat the Empire on day one. Instead, focus on gaining currencies by completing daily activities, such as taking on a Galactic War battle or finishing three Cantina fights. These yield nice rewards and will give you a taste of the game’s many modes.

This all-Rebel squad is classic – and Leia’s leader ability increases each character’s critical hit chance.

2. Follow the leader

Keep a close eye on characters with leader abilities. Upgrading these gives the performance of your entire five-character team a lift – and may change how you assemble your crew. Admiral Ackbar, for example, boosts speed and tenacity for all Rebel allies. (It’s not a trap, we swear.)

3. Think synergy

It’s tempting to focus on sheer power, but the strongest squads are those with the tightest synergies. One Ewok isn’t very intimidating, but a team of them will crush a more powerful ragtag crew of random characters every time.

Durable and dangerous, Phoenix Squad is worth unlocking as soon as possible.

4. Be a Phoenix

When it comes to early-game synergy, you can’t beat Phoenix Squadron. This crew’s combination of damage-soaking tanks, multiple attacks and hearty endurance will help you top Arena leaderboards – and eventually unlock super powerful characters like Grand Admiral Thrawn.

5. Buddy up

Even a Jedi Master needs pals. (Just ask Rey or Luke!) Galaxy of Heroes’ guild system grants access to epic raids with some of the game’s best rewards. Got what it takes to defeat a rancor or a trio of Sith Lords? You will – with a little help from your friends.

Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes
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