When I Grow Up…

Life today 
isn’t quite what you thought it would be, back when you were a wide-eyed little kid. Your car doesn’t fly, you have to pay a seemingly endless series of bills and, unless you’re really lucky, then you probably don’t live in the turret of a giant castle. Still, however things turned out, you can at least live out your childhood dreams in these games – so what do you want to be?

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An astronaut!

Step right onto the bridge of your very own starship, and bring some friends along: you can connect up to eight people via Bluetooth or WiFi. Then head out on your mission as you work together to fly the vessel. Just like on TV, you’ll need to yell out nonsensical instructions to your teammates: “Hyperinflate the warp coils! Set phase trilimiter to level six!”

As you struggle to shout out commands (and input other people’s onto your control panel) things will get hectic and hilarious, and that’s before the black holes and asteroids begin getting in the way. Your only option is to work together – as a Spaceteam.

A racing driver!

Vrooom brum brum brrrrrrrrrmmmm. That’s the noise we always made as excitable kids, and it’s the noise we’re making right now just thinking about playing F1 Mobile Racing. Hop into your favourite driver’s seat and take the official cars for an official spin around the official tracks – it’s all very official.

With stunning graphics, real-time multiplayer and full controller support, this is the real deal.

A pop sensation!

We love the alternate-world storylines, where the BTS lads take jobs as hoteliers and detectives.

Global hyperstars don’t shine much brighter than BTS, the K-Pop juggernaut who took over the world with their catchy tunes, slick videos and colossal army of online fans. What’s it like to walk a mile in those shoes? BTS World is the best way to find out, as you steer the boys from their debut right through to current day success and beyond.

As you help the gang develop, dealing with their crises and triumphs through their calls and texts, you’ll feel like you’re right there beside them on tour.

A football star!

As football games go, they don’t come bigger than FIFA. Play manager and build up your Ultimate Team, or just dive right onto the pitch to dribble, tackle and shoot your way to glory. With all the official teams and players, you can take your favourites to the top of the league.

Alternatively, if there’s a team you don’t like, you can take control and force them to score lots of humiliating own goals.

The Head to Head and Vs Attack modes let you challenge your friends on the go. You might not be doing kickabouts in the park these days, but you can definitely sneak in a bout of FIFA.

A farmer!

Sheep, goats, cows – all those cute animals plus you get to ride a tractor all day? As kids, there was nowhere cooler than a farm. As grown-ups, we have to admit we’re still pretty jealous. Scratch that harvest itch with Hay Day: you’ll be chopping down wheat and building up barns in the blink of an eye.

Your farm’s layout is totally up to you: so if you love pigs, go hog-wild and build acres of pig pens. So many they spell out your name when viewed from above. Nobody can stop you.

A fashion stylist!

Are luminous shoulder-crowns a thing? Doesn’t matter - you can make them a thing.

Love the look but don’t have the budget? Not to worry – all the top brands are here and ready for you to style together on virtual models. After you assemble some fierce collections for different style challenges, mixing thousands of potential pieces with hair and makeup styles, you’ll get kudos from other users who vote on your work while you get the chance to vote on theirs.

Once you get going, it’s incredibly satisfying to assemble the perfect combination from your infinite wardrobe. You might be sitting on the sofa rather than walking the carpet at a Hollywood premiere, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put together a killer outfit all the same.

A pilot! No, a firefighter! No – both!

Take the role of Scruffy the pilot-pooch and head to the skies for a flight of firefighting. You’ll need to dive into lakes to fill your tank before splashing it all over the flames below, as you steer your plane over tricky terrain.

There’s so much to unlock here: boosts, new planes, special looks for the adorable Scruffy. It’ll keep you coming back to the leaderboards again and again to max out your scores.

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