Deathloop Tips and Tricks

We have all the Deathloop tips and tricks, strategies, and secrets you need to succeed in the game.

There’s a lot of info to take in early on in Deathloop before your stylish Groundhog’s Day really takes off, so much so that you might not be able to keep track of it all – and some of it the team at Arkane leaves for you to figure out entirely on your own.

To that end, here’s the most important info you need to know when starting out your adventure in Deathloop.

Trinket Tips and Tricks

  • Trinkets are integral to bolstering Colt’s abilities, but you can’t equip or even look at the ones you’ve collected when exploring Blackreef unless you manage to escape back into the tunnels without dying and resetting the loop, and then you’ll be able to configure your loadout. These trinkets will vanish at the end of the day, too – that is, until you are able to harness Residium to keep items between loops after completing the tutorial – which happens a lot further into the game than you might expect.
  • Trinkets come in three rarities, Crude, Sleek, and Exemplar. A better rarity means the effects are that much better. Each loop, you’ll find trinkets in the same spots – though they may not always have the same effect. You may also find that as you track down leads and progress the story, certain trinkets can increase in rarity, so be sure to revisit places you’ve already explored.
  • Eternalists can carry trinkets, too – those that carry several will often be glowing – but be warned: trinkets will bolster their powers as well, so be careful when getting into a fight.
  • Some trinkets are better suited for certain scenarios, as well as playing off your preferred playstyle. Save trinkets that reduce headshot damage taken, or drain the power of enemy targets when going after Julianna.
  • Even picking up Trinkets you don’t need can help to use as currency – sacrifice the duds or duplicates you don’t need, and use the spare Residium to keep the ones you do like.

Vs. Julianna Tips

  • Julianna is the one true wild card in Deathloop. Whether she’s an NPC or being controlled by another player, she’ll come at you with different weapons, trinkets, and slabs each time she hunts you down. This can be good for you, as you’ll always get a chance to find new rewards – but that’s only if you can beat her. She’ll only show up if there’s another Visionary in the district, so you may want to lure her away from your main target’s location before trying that super stealthy assassination run.
  • Even if Julianna is an NPC, she’ll appear at random times – so prepare for her to show up when you least expect – or want – her to.
  • When Julianna is on the hunt, don’t trust anyone. She has the ability to disguise herself as a random Eternalist, making it difficult to spot her until she’s ready to spring an ambush. Try to clear out as many Eternalists as you can before she arrives – if you see a random Eternalist running through an area you cleared – that’s Julianna.
  • Remember that only Colt has the power to revive twice – use that to your advantage to force her into an unwinnable situation, like tossing grenades at close range or triggering explosives.

Combat and Stealth Tips

  • When it comes to more rank-and-file bad guys, Eternalists don’t always make for the best security guards. Even after they’ve “detected you”, you still have a brief moment to stick a machete in their face before they can make enough noise to call for help. Even the gold-colored scouts – who call in an alarm – will often run for cover to radio for help – giving you time to chase them down and stop the transmission.
DL BodyRemains.jpg
  • Killing enemies will make them vanish into a pile of dust – and while that’s great for body disposal, don’t count on other eternalists overlooking these dust piles – they’ll still go on alert when they notice someone is missing, but they won’t sound the alarm until they actually spot you.
DL KickCliff.jpg
  • Don’t neglect the power of your kick! It can be used to knock enemies off ledges without leaving any evidence behind, is faster than an execution, and when combined with a sprint, can knock enemies down and open them up for a quick kill.

Exploration Tips

DL DayChange.jpg
  • The island of Blackreef changes in more ways than you might expect over the course of a day. Not only do enemy patrols and locations change, the terrain can change as well. Water freezes up with chunks of ice that can double as platforms, snowdrifts can block entrances or create slopes up to new areas, and certain doors or windows may open or close. Be sure to take the time to explore an area whenever you visit it at a new time of day.
  • Keep an eye out for Cameras and Turrets, which can be the bane of your existence if you don’t carefully plan your infiltration into enemy territory. Thankfully, your Hackamajig can make them friendly – and the best news is you don’t need to stand in plain view while doing it. Once you’ve gotten close enough to get a lock and begin hacking, you can keep moving and break line of sight to stay somewhere safe while the hacking completes.
DL MineDefuse.jpg
  • You can actually disarm mines if you walk slowly up to them and hold down the use button. Mines are used fairly frequently in Deathloop and will cause a hasty end to your loop, so make sure to keep an eye out for their flashes or tripwires and an ear out for their distinct beeps that get faster the closer you get to them.
  • As you might expect from an Arkane game, there are plenty of safes, locks, and code combinations scattered across Blackreef – some are essential to the main story, while others can unlock special rewards. The trick is that all of their unlock codes are randomized for your playthrough – meaning you and I will have different codes, so we can’t share the info. There are even a couple of codes that reset every loop, but the good news is that those aren’t the norm, and most of the time, once you learn a code, you’ll know it for every loop moving forward – at least until you reset your save data.

Deathloop Tips and Tricks Deathloop tips Deathloop tricks Deathloop combat Tips deathloop stealth tips Deahtloop Julianna Tips Deathloop Exploration Tips
Trinket Tips and Tricks Deathloop Trinket Tips and Tricks Deathloop Tips and Tricks

Deathloop Tips and Tricks Deathloop Tips and Tricks Deathloop Tricks

  • Lastly, for better or worse, your progress is only saved at the start of an exploration into one of Blackreef’s four areas, and again when you return into the tunnels. This means if you quit mid-mission, you’ll lose all your progress and restart back at the tunnel entrance. However, this can also work to your benefit: if you trip some alarms you didn’t mean to or get into a fight and realize you’re outgunned, rather than having to die and reset the entire loop, you can just quickly exit back to the main menu and start that section again.
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