Ghostrunner Audio Logs

There are 7 audio logs to collect in Ghostrunner. On this page, the Ghostrunner audio logs are listed in the chronological order that they appear in the game. You can also head over to the walkthrough a step-by-step guide of how to find audio logs on each level.

Ghostrunner Audio Logs:

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Audio Log 1: The Climb

The first one is in the room where you enter and see broken platforms and pipes. As you enter this room, you’ll need to head towards the end of the bridge and look down. Jump down onto the broken bridge beneath you.

Ghostrunner Audio Logs 1 the climb

To get the collectible, you want to go right as you drop down, rather than left and across to the next bridge. Run along the wall that takes you to the pipes on the left. Follow the pipes to the right of the room and you’ll see the glowing question mark

Audio Log 2: Breathe In

When you get to the first set of fans you need to use to cross the gap. Walk onto the first fan backwards and you’ll see the collectible is above.

Ghostrunner Audio Logs 2 breathe in

Audio Log 3: Run-up

As you go through the door, after the section where you’ve had to slide down and avoid the grinders. There is a collectible as soon as you enter. To reach this, turn around and face the door. Look up and there is a point for you to grapple to. Grapple up and grab it.

Ghostrunner Audio Logs 3 run up

Audio Log 4: Echoes

When you take a yellow rail upwards to two enemies and a machine. To the left, you have to deal with another enemy and there’s a second machine. The collectible is on the pipe above.

Ghostrunner Audio Logs 4 echoes

You have to take another rail up the next section, turn around and run across the big, broken pipe.

Ghostrunner Audio Logs 4 echoes

Audio Log 5: The Forbidden Zone

At the start of the level, in the room with the first turret. It is up to the right of the room, on the large crates.

Ghostrunner Audio Logs 5: The Forbidden zone
Ghostrunner Audio Logs 5: The Forbidden zone

Audio Log 6: Reign in Hell

When you get to this billboard with a yellow wire hanging down.

Ghostrunner Audio Logs 6 reign in hell

Go right across this metal structure.

Ghostrunner Audio Logs 6 reign in hell

Audio Log 7: Things You Wouldn’t Believe

In the room with the platforming and electric walls, when you get to the big tanks. You need to drop down to get the jump boost to get to the room, but use this to go left and on to another tank. The collectible is here.

Ghostrunner Audio Logs 7 Things You Wouldn’t Believe
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