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There are 15 swords (or katana paintjobs) to collect in Ghostrunner. On this page, the swords are listed in the chronological order that they appear in the game. You can also head over to the walkthrough a step-by-step guide of how to find swords on each level.

Sword 1:

This one you automatically get at the start so no need to hunt for it!

Sword 2: The Climb

The Climb At the end of the level, there will be a series of wall running, sliding and grappling to reach a catwalk. Once you’re on the catwalk, go left instead of right. Right will take you to the end of the level but you’ll want to grab the final collectible on the left behind the boxes.

Ghostrunner Swords

Sword 3: Jacked Up

When you get to this room, you’ll want to run across the wall on the left, but you will need to time this correctly in order to use a grappling hook to pull you across.

Once you do this, jump to the platform in the middle. There is a collectible here. Go to the back of the platform, and it will be visible behind the crates.

Sword 4: Breathe In

When you’re in the room with the crane. You have to press the switch and then quickly grapple onto the hook as it begins to move. Now head over to the ledge on the left.

Sword 5: Breathe In

After visiting Cybervoid. You’ll need to use a Cybervoid Uplink to get to it. Once the fans are turned on and you’ve followed the path to the dead end, you turn around and there’s a Cybervoid Uplink above that slows time.

Grab the Cybervoid Uplink and go to the right, there is a fan in the distance, on the left. The collectible is behind here. To get to it, run along the surface and grapple to the one in front. Run along this to the right, then immediately turn around and run back across it. Then jump and dash over to the right, to get behind the blades.

Sword 6: Road to Amida

When you enter this room

There are two more rotating wheels for you to slow in order to make it to the next platform and some enemies to deal with. Go right, slow the wheel and jump through to take out the second enemy. Go up the stairs and the collectible is on the left, behind the boxes.

Sword 7: Run-up

When you enter the room where you see two grappling hooks in front of you and some surfaces that you need to run across. To the left and right, there are two more machines (these may be hidden as you first enter the room.) There is another collectible in this room.

As you land on the next platform, you’ll see some safety barriers that have been knocked down. This is where you want to head for the collectible. Go to the edge, drop down and grab it.

Sword 8: Dharma City

This zipline it will take you around to the right and into an alcove with the collectible.

Sword 9: Echoes

Turn left here, and you will see it on the right, in the distance.

Wall run across these surfaces to reach it. Turn around and wall run back to the slope. Slide down this prepare to wall run or and dash across, at the end, to reach the next room. There are two ninjas in here. You can deal with these one by one, waiting for them to attack then parrying and killing them.

Sword 10: Echoes

After clearing the room where you have your first fight with a machine. Go back to the ramp you took, to fight the machine. Above where it stood, there is an opening. Use the left wall to run over to it, jump to the right and up to the ledge.

Sword 11: In Her Own Image

You automatically get this one after completing the level.

Sword #12: The Forbidden Zone

When you slide down here to defeat the two machines.

There is a shutter door that’s slightly open on the left. This can be slid under. The collectible is inside, to the left, behind the boxes.

Sword 13: Reign In Hell

When you start the level, follow the creature and go right. Hit the electrical box. It will open a door and it’s inside.

Sword 14: Reign In Hell

After the first two encounters with the creatures, when you get outside. Head to the billboard on the right then take the yellow rail over to the left. Turn around immediately as you land, and slide back down the railing for another collectible.

Sword #15: Things You Wouldn’t Believe

At the platforming section which is a series of yellow rails, wall running and jumping on tankers. Before you reach the splitter enemy. It’s on the tank on the left.

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