How to Defeat Hel

This page includes more detail on how to defeat Hel during the second boss fight in Ghostrunner. This is the twelfth level of the game. You will also unlock one of the collectibles after finishing this level.

Defeating Hel

At the start of In Her Own Image, you will press a button and exit a train. As you walk forward, a cutscene will trigger where you’ll see Hel jump towards the middle of the room, into an arena. Ghostrunner will automatically jump over to meet her, and the fight will begin. There are four stages to the boss battle. You can approach each phase the same.

How to Defeat Hel

How to Defeat Hel How to Defeat Hel How to Defeat Hel How to Defeat Hel

You’ll need to parry Hel’s attacks in order to weaken her guard and have the chance to attack her. If you miss a parry, it will reset and you’ll need to start again. You’ll do this four times in order to defeat her.

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First Phase

The first phase is straightforward and takes place on the platform you jump onto. Hel will dash towards you and attack. Parry to block her first attack and then get ready to learn the pattern. Parry as her blade glows, for a chance at success. You need to parry four attacks in a row here, then attack her for the second phase to begin.

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Second Phase

For the second phase, she’ll launch herself onto another platform in the room. This can change on each try. You’ll see railings, grapples and surfaces around the room for you to use, in order to reach whatever platform she’s on next. She’ll also start to throw projectiles your way, so be careful to dodge those as you make your way over to her.

When you reach her, you’ll need to repeat the same thing as phase on and parry her attacks. This time, you’ll need to parry five times.

How to Defeat Hel

Third Phase

Similarly to the second phase, she’ll launch herself over to another platform. Head over to this as fast as you can, avoiding the projectiles and then be ready to parry an attack immediately. After this, you’ll need to parry six attacks. Learn the pattern here again to be able to do this. When you’ve stunned her attack and the final phase will begin.

Fourth Phase

Once again, she’ll jump over to another platform and direct even more projectiles at you. Head over to her and parry immediately. Then you’ll need to parry six times again to be able to attack her. Once you do, this will signal the end of Hel and the boss battle is over.

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