How to Defeat T-073-M

This page includes more detail on how to defeat T-073-M the first boss fight in Ghostrunner. This is the eighth level of the game.

How to Defeat T-073-M Ghostrunner How to Defeat T-073-M Ghostrunner How to Defeat T-073-M Ghostrunner How to Defeat T-073-M Ghostrunner How to Defeat T-073-M Ghostrunner How to Defeat T-073-M Ghostrunner

Defeating T-073-M

The level starts with a cut scene and The Architect telling you, you need to cut down the T-073-M machine in front of you. There are four support cords holding it up – those are what you’ll need to cut down. This means there are four stages to this fight.

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First Phase

In the first phase, there are lasers covering the entirety of the machine. You need to avoid these and make you way to the top, to cut the first cord. The key here is simply timing and learning the patterns of rotation. The beams go clockwise. As you climb each section, up to a new platform, you should be able to spot gaps in the beams that you can grapple up through.

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There are numerous grappling points in this section that you’ll need to use to reach the first cord. Use sensory boost if needed, to avoid the lasers. You will also need to jump and duck to dodge some of them, if you’re waiting on a platform. Get to the top and then cut the first cord. This will trigger another cutscene that sees Ghostrunner slide back down to the bottom, using his katana to slow him down.

Second Phase

For the second phase of this fight, you’ll need to run back up to the top. This time, not only will you need to grapple and avoid lasers further up, but you’ll also need to wall run and avoid the fire that is pulsing and making its way to the top of the machine.

The fire has a steady pattern. It hits the ground and makes its way up in equal breaks. Head for the first platform and wall run up. Grapple at the end of reach the first platform. To avoid the fire, use sensory boost to jump away from the platform and back onto it. This is particularly useful for longer platforms.

Keep doing this until you get near to the top and a checkpoint. This will be when you climb the boxes and head towards the laser beams.

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For this part, you’ll need to avoid the laser beams and run across platforms, still using sensory boost to avoid the fire. Once you get the hang of the first stage, it will make the second part easier. On some platforms, you’ll need to jump and duck to avoid the beams hitting you. Climb up and cut down the second cord. This will result in the machine falling to the bottom.

Third Phase

The T-073-M is now much smaller and has just four laser a few beams that are rotating. You need to get to the two cores that are highlighted by the orange markers.

How to Defeat T-073-M

In order to do this, it’s best to head to the left of the room – in the opposite direction of the lasers. The same fire that was emitted in the second phase will be pulsing here, but will sent out as shockwaves along the floor. You need to jump to avoid them. If you head to the left, it will make dodging under the beams easier as you jump to avoid the fire. Only slide towards the bottom beams, when they are close to hitting you, to clear them quicker and still have time to jump. Keep moving forward towards the machine until you are next to the core. Then attack. This will trigger the fourth phase.

Fourth Phase

After destroying the first core, you’ll end up back in the exact position from which you started the third phase. Repeat what you did for the third phase to reach the core and destroy it again. Grapple up from the right-hand side, and jump on top of the machine to attack. This will be the end of the first boss battle.

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