Hades Tips and Tricks

Hades is a new roguelite from the creators of Supergiant Games, and it packs a punch. Hundreds of progression paths, unlockable weapons, and a massive endgame in which you can tailor the experience to your liking are just a few examples.

After many hours of escaping the Greek underworld as Zagreus, we have compiled a comprehensive list of tips and tricks for both complete newcomers and experienced players who want to maximize their resources and time as they crush everything in their path.

Hades Tips and Tricks

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  • As a first, regardless of how far you are into the game already, always keep in mind that you can toggle God Mode on and off at any time, even mid-battle. This won’t affect your achievements, progression, or even story content, and it’s definitely one of the ways to make your journey more welcoming each time you die, as damage resistance will increase up to 80% by doing so
  • Engaging in battle as just as important as a solid preparation beforehand. Always make sure of spending Titan Blood on your Infernal Arms, either to level up your current aspects or to unlock brand new ones altogether to try out
  • All weapons have their own pros and cons, as well as unique abilities that make them special from the rest. It’s key to experiment with them, and there’s no easy choice, really – you can have a favorite and still play it very differently during runs depending on the upgrades and Boons you select in your way. One cool way to always keep on changing is by choosing the Infernal Arm that has the Darkness bonus before starting each run, which is indicated with a purple glow around them. Over time, you’ll be able to add a bonus of Gems as well, so it’s definitely worth the attention
  • There’s many dangers to keep an eye on as you’re battling your way through Tartarus and beyond, and you definitely shouldn’t underestimate traps. They can deal some serious damage, and most of them don’t even have a delayed response, meaning that their attack will be pretty much automatic. That being said, always keep an eye on the ones that require for someone to press on plates to trigger them – you can bait enemies to your position, quickly activate them and dash away from the scene. The ones in Elysium, for example, are great for this.
  • There’s usually not a bad choice to make when it comes to choosing Boons and upgrades during your runs. It all depends on what you’re looking for, so always take your time to read the descriptions accordingly. The more you play, the more familiarized you’ll be with each of their effects, uses, and synergies
  • The same applies to rooms – sometimes you’ll be given the choice to obtain a guaranteed Boon, but others are more ambiguous, letting you choose between paying Charon’s shop a visit, earning a chunk of gold, gems, or darkness, and so on. It depends on how your run is going, and what you’re personally looking to achieve. Choosing Boons may not always be the correct choice, especially when you can upgrade your health or buy useful items
  • At many times, Charon will have Boons available for purchase, which can help when you’re undecided about which room to choose from.

House of Hades

Hades Tips and Tricks
  • It might seem obvious, but always make sure to talk to everybody that has an exclamation mark on their heads. This includes people on the main hall, the west hall, and the lounge. It’s easy to bypass Thanatos and Achilles, as well as Dusa and Megaera, so always check if they’re around. If you somehow forget, you can backtrack from either Zagreus’ bedroom or the training room
  • The House Contractor might seem as a mere shop for decorations, but there’s actually a lot of useful items and permanent upgrades, too, that you can obtain. If you were wondering why vases in the underworld didn’t have gold in them, well, there’s a purchase for that. Over time, as you unlock more story events, some special contracts will become available here as well
  • If you’re missing a particular item or just have lots of Darkness to spend and don’t know where, trading with the Wretched Broker in the lounge is a great way of doing so. Every 5 keys, for example, you’ll be able to obtain a Nectar
  • One of the contracts you can obtain from the House Contractor will unlock the Fated List of Minor Prophecies, becoming available in your room. We highly recommend you to unlock this as soon as possible, as completing them will grant you different rewards. The sooner you can start tracking them, the better
  • Most of the opportunities to give Nectar and Ambrosia to the Gods will happen during runs, but there’s several key characters that can appear in the House of Hades. Some, like Thanatos, will appear during runs as well, and sometimes you’ll have the chance to give them gifts then. But all in all, some of their conversations will either start or continue in the house, so whenever you have to opportunity, go for it. Also, don’t forget that Skelly also takes gifts!

Mirror of Night

Hades mirror of night
  • We know that the temptation to obtain all six Infernal Arms in one go is tempting, but Keys will also help you to unlock new talents in the Mirror of Night, which will make all of your runs more interesting and easy in return. Always make sure to spend them equally, as it will make the task of obtaining more Keys faster, and once you have them all you can start unlocking everything else
  • Once you have all of the talents available, you’ll be able to unlock an alternative list. There will be 12 new upgrades to choose from, and you’ll be able to toggle either the Red or Green talents at any time by using the button on the left of each
  • Death Defiance is one of the first talents you should spend darkness on. Once you die, you’ll be able to come back to life, using one of them each time up to three simultaneously. Over time, a particular character in Elysium will give you the choice to replenish your Death Defiances up to that point, in case you got beaten during your fight with the Furies or Hydra, and some shops will have this as a purchasable option, too
  • Boiling Blood is another great talent, and one that will make using your Cast worthwhile. This adds 10% of Attack and Special damage to foes per rank (up to 50%) when they have a Cast attached to them
  • If you’re always getting low on health quickly, Thick Skin is the perfect solution, granting +5 HP per rank (up to +50 HP)

Infernal Arms

hades infernal arms
  • Infernal Arms work as Classes in Hades, and they’re an extension of Zagreus’ own abilities, perks, and talents. Your runs will differ greatly depending on the Boons you choose, of course, but your weapon of choice is almost as important. There’s never a wrong choice, so always feel free to pick either your favorite or a brand new one. The Stygian Blade and Twin Fists of Malphon are great for close quarters combat, while the Heart-Seeking Bow and Adamant Rail are excellent for range attacks. The Shield of Chaos and Eternal Spear are hybrids of sorts, and by far the ones that might take longer to get used to
  • It might be tempting to spend Titan Blood on unlocking new aspects for the Infernal Arms, but upgrading them can make a huge difference, especially if you’re already comfortable with a particular aspect
  • The Special for each weapon is probably the highlight of each, but there’s many things to take into consideration. The Spear has a great throw and retrieve attack that can deal massive amount of damage, and Backstab damage, too, but the spin attack (by holding down the Attack button) is great to maintain distances or deal with multiple weak enemies simultaneously. That being said, if the opportunity arises, don’t be afraid to change how these attacks behave by using the Daedalus Hammer during runs
  • When using the Shield of Chaos, always remember that Bull Rush will also protect Zagreus from incoming damage, and you can rotate in 360° as long as you hold down the button, which is great for a bait and switch attack
  • The Stygian Blade has a really easy combo that can be deadly – attack twice, and then use your special. Once you get the hang of the speed and momentum in between them, you’ll be pretty much chaining them forever
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