Hades V1.36211 Patch Notes

“We are humbled by and grateful for the amazing response to our v1.0 Launch Update. While our Early Access development is now complete, expect several follow-up patches such as this one to shore up any remaining issues. Thank you very much for playing.”

Below are the Hades V1.36211 Patch Notes for PC and Switch, released on October 2nd, 2020.

Hades V1.36211 Patch Notes

Infernal Arms, Aspects, & Abilities

  • Heart-Seeking Bow (Hera Aspect): fixed certain interactions with Crush Shot (Aphrodite)
  • Adamant Rail (Hestia Aspect): fixed instances where empowered shots could fire successively

Boons & Blessings

  • Merciful End (Athena x Ares): combo effect can no longer activate multiple times from a single instance of the Doom Status Curse

Foes & Encounters

  • Wringers no longer appear in Survival encounters
  • Theseus and The Minotaur: fixed issues with their alternate late-game tag-team maneuver
  • Hidden Boss: fixed an issue preventing pillars from collapsing between phases as intended

Level Design & Environments

  • Minor fixes and improvements to several chambers

Music & SFX

  • Updated timing of music-ducking during voiceover (music should remain soft during gaps in speech)
  • Other minor changes, fixes, and mix improvements

Voice & Narrative

  • An early event where Achilles grants the Codex should occur more reliably
  • Minor changes and improvements to various narrative events


  • Added launch option UseSideBarArt (set to false if you prefer black bars in ultrawide resolutions)
  • The third of Skelly’s unlockable prizes now sparkles as well it ought
  • You can no longer use Fishing Points in Survival encounters before the encounters begin
  • Improved aim preview intersections around some obstacles
  • Updated text size in some non-English languages in certain contexts
  • The backing for floating text messages should align better with the text in certain cases
  • Various minor performance optimizations

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bouldy gifting interactions repeating more often than intended (there are a bunch…)
  • Fixed Good Riddance not unlocking correctly from the House Contractor
  • Fixed unintended Eurydice events sometimes occurring after completing her subplot
  • Fixed Orpheus sometimes changing songs after re-entering the House of Hades main hall
  • Fixed the Final Boss reusing a certain ability while under Extreme Measures (Pact)
  • Fixed Thanatos area attack activating the player’s revenge Boons
  • Fixed Thanatos being invisible during certain specific story interactions
  • Fixed various Achievements not unlocking as expected
  • Fixed Dusa sometimes remaining visible after flying off
  • Fixed Lord Hades using the wrong animation in certain late-game scenes
  • Fixed a specific case where the Administrative Chamber could be unexpectedly inaccessible
  • Fixed Dark Thirst looping sound stacking when successively equipping the imbued weapon
  • Fixed Aspect of Beowulf causing Cast to function in the House (no fighting in the House!)
  • Fixed incorrect requirements in the Codex Index for Scintillating Feast (Zeus x Dionysus)
  • Fixed incorrect requirements in the Codex Index for Thunder Flare (Zeus)
  • Fixed incorrect requirements in the Codex Index for Curse of Nausea (Ares x Dionysus)
  • Fixed incorrect requirements in the Codex Index for Defiance (Chaos)
  • Fixed some visual issues with Chill effects from Demeter Boons
  • Fixed minor formatting issues in the Keepsakes Screen
  • Other minor fixes
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