Legends of Runeterra Keywords

Legends of Runeterra Keywords

So many cards with so much variation. Sometimes you can get confused about which card can do what things. Here we gathered all the Legends of Runeterra keywords to remove your confusion and help to be a master in Legends of Runeterra world.

Legends of runeterra keywords

legends of runeterra keywords
lor keywords
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Keywords appear on certain cards to indicate that a unique effect will occur when certain conditions are met. Some units may have multiple keywords and you can add keywords to cards by playing other certain cards. By any chance, if you forget any keyword, just hover on it to read the definition. Before ending up in a bad situation, know all the keywords including new ones.

Advance: Decrease the value of the specified Countdown by a certain amount.
Allegiance: When you summon this, it gets its bonus if the top card of your deck matches its region.
Attack: Effect triggers in combat when the unit is attacking.
Attune: Refills 1 spell mana after summoned.
Augment: When you play a created card, grant me +1|0.

Barrier: Negates the next damage the unit would take. Lasts one round.
Behold: Grants a bonus if you have a type of card in play or in your hand.
Blade Dance: Start a free attack with that many summoned Blades.
Burst: Burst spells resolve instantly. The enemy can’t act before it finishes.

Can’t Block: An effect that prevents a unit from blocking.
Capture: A Captured card is removed from the game. It returns when the Capturing unit leaves play.
Challenger: Allows you to choose which enemy unit blocks by dragging an opponent into blocking position.
Countdown: Round start: I count down 1. At 0, destroy me and activate the Countdown effect.

Daybreak: Grants a bonus effect if you play this card first during a round.
Deep: Grants a +3|+3 buff when your deck has 15 or fewer cards left.
Double Attack: While attacking, it strikes both before AND at the same time as its blocker.
Drain: Heal friendly Nexus for the amount of damage dealt.

Elusive: Can only be blocked by an Elusive unit.
Enlightened: You’re Enlightened when you have 10 max mana.
Ephemeral: This unit dies when it strikes or when the round ends.

Fast: Fast spells can be played at any time, but allow the opponent to respond.
Fearsome: Can only be blocked by enemies with 3 or more attack.
Fleeting: Causes a card to be discarded at the end of the round if it isn’t used.
Frostbite: Set a unit’s Power to 0 during a round.
Focus: Works like Burst but can’t be cast in combat or in response to a spell.
Fury: Gains +1|+1 after killing a unit. This effect can happen repeatedly.

Immobile: Units with Immobile Keyword Can’t Attack.
Invoke: Let’s you select from three random Celestial cards.

Last Breath: These abilities take effect when the unit dies.
Lifesteal: Damage dealt by the unit heals its allied Nexus.
Lurk: When you attack while I’m on top of your deck, I Lurk, granting Lurker allies everywhere +1|+0. Max once per round.

Nexus Strike: An effect occurs when a unit Strikes the enemy Nexus.
Nightfall: Grants a bonus if this card isn’t the first you played during a round.

Overwhelm: Excess damage deal to blocker is dealt to enemy Nexus.
Obliterate: Completely removed from the game. Doesn’t cause Last Breath and can’t be revived.

Play: An effect that occurs when a card is played.
Phased: Pick the next Moon Weapon for Aphelios.
Plunder: A card triggers its plunder ability when played if you damaged the enemy Nexus this round.
Predict: Pick a card from among 3 in your deck. Shuffle the deck and put that card on top.

Quick Attack: While attacking, strikes before its blocker.

Recall: Return a unit to hand and remove all effects applied to it.
Regeneration: Unit heals fully at the start of each round.
Reforge: Create a random blade fragment still needed to restore the blade. Once you’ve cast all 3, create blade of the exile.
Reputation: Activates if allies have struck for 5+ damage at least 4 times this game.

Scout: Units with Scout can attack an additional time before you use your attack token.
Skill: An ability from a unit that you can respond to.
Slay: Killing an ally or enemy by using your cards via damage, strike or direct kill effect granting a credit for Slaying.

Slow: Slow spells can be cast outside of combat and other casting. The enemy can respond.
SpellShield: Nullifies the next spell or skill that would affect this unit.
Strike: An effect occurs when unit deals damage with their Power.
Strongest: Highest Power, with ties broken by highest Health then highest Cost.
Stun: Stun removes a unit from combat. It cannot attack or block for the rest of the round.
Support: Gives an effect to the unit positioned to the right of this unit if this unit is attacking.

Tough: Takes 1 less damage from all sources.
Toss: Obliterate X non-champion cards from the bottom of your deck.
Trap: Attaches to another card, trapping it. When the trapped card is drawn, perform the effect.

Vulnerable: The enemy can challenge this unit, forcing it to block.

Weakest: Lowest Power, with ties broken by lowest Health then lowest Cost.

Last Updated: July 9, 2021

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