Red Dead Online Weekly Updates (Dec 7 – Jan 5)

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Red Dead Online Weekly Updates arrive every Tuesday at roughly 8:00 am PDT/ 4:00 pm BST/ 12:00 am JST.

July 27, 2021: Take On The Ember of the East, The Dockside Contract This Week

  • The Dockside Contract, a new three-part Crimes mission, is now available from your local Blood Money contact. Players can take it up to face off against the Saint Denis shipping business
  • A new Opportunity Mission, The Ember of the East, is also now available. The ruby can be found somewhere in Annesburg and players will need to play off the struggle between the local mine’s foreman and the Senator’s liaison to discover the truth and uncover its location.
  • Players who find the ruby in The Ember of the East and return it to their employer by Aug. 2 can also claim the following bonus reward:
    • Off-Hand Holster (Reward)
  • Players who complete the mission on Ruthless difficulty can unlock the following for purchase:
    • Annesburg Cap (Madam Nazar)
  • Claim discounts on the following this week:
    • Camp Setup Fees (100% Off)
    • Camp Dogs (40% Off)
    • Standard (Non-Role) Outfits (40% Off)
    • Camp Themes (Including Role Camp Themes) (40% Off)
    • Ponchos (40% Off)
    • Clothing (40% Off)
    • Trinkets (40% Off)
    • Equipment at Gus’ Store (40% Off)
    • Repeaters (30% Off)
    • Navy Revolver (30% Off)
    • Varmint Rifle (30% Off)
    • Role Improved Saddles and Saddlebags (30% Off)
    • Bounty Wagon (30% Off)
    • Butcher Table (5 Gold Bars Off)
  • Players can still participate in The Quick Draw Club No. 1 to claim 25 Ranks of Rewards. Players who purchase The Quick Draw Club No. 1 will instantly unlock all items up to your current Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Club Rank, and purchasing all four installments of The Quick Draw Club can claim the following, as well:
    • Halloween Pass 2 (Free – Reward)
  • Players who linked their Rockstar Games Social Club accounts to Prime Gaming can obtain the following through August 2:
    • Saddle (Up to RDO$200 – Reward – Free)
    • Treasure Maps (x2 – Free)
    • Fast Travel Post (40% Off – Offer)
  • Players can link their Rockstar Games Social Club and Prime Gaming accounts by visiting
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