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July 13, 2021: Blood Money Summer Update Arrives

  • The ‘Blood Money’ Summer Update has arrived, bringing with it a host of new additions, including RDO’s first train robbery.
  • The update tasks players taking on multi-stage robberies, shakedowns, harsh debt collections, all to help Guido Martelli, the Saint Denis underboss (who serves under Angelo Bronte) to assert dominance over Capitale on the black market. No upfront costs are required to access the update, which is available now.
  • To begin, head to Saint Denis and meet Guido Martelli to take on Crimes and Opportunities. Martelli is concerned with gathering Capitale, a commodity used as currency by the Bronte mob family. Capitale is held by criminals across the county.
  • Players will meet contacts like Anthony Foreman, James Langton, Sean Macquire, and Joe, who they’ll need to impress before being sent out to find Capitale.
  • Anthony Foreman is the leader of the Foreman Brothers game, and can be found in Rhodes at Radley’s House, or in Doyle’s Tavern in Saint Denis.
  • James Langton is a bounty hunter based in New Austin and can be found at Hennigan’s Stead or in a cabin by Lake Don Julio.
  • Sean Macquire is a thief and killer who is not currently with his gang, and can be found at Great Plains or Tall Trees.
  • Joe can be found in Osman Grove, New Hanover and is a known associate of Micah, Cleet, and Samson Finch.
  • The update also adds three multi-part Crime Contracts:
    • The Railroad Contract
    • The Jeb Phelps Contract
    • The Bluewater Contract
  • Players can take on Crimes alone, or as part of a Posse.
  • Capitale can also be found in hidden chests or on victims you’ve killed, or in Free Roam as part of Camp and Homestead Robberies. Earn enough Capitale and turn it into henchmen within Martelli’s network and new Opportunities will become available.
  • The first of three Opportunities is available now, with the other two to follow. Each one tasks the player with locating and retrieving one of the three Jewels of the West, starting with the Covington Emerald, which is being transported by train.
  • The update also sees the addition of Rewards and bonuses as part of four different 25-rank Quick Draw Club passes. Each costs 25 Gold Bars, which can be earned back as part of the pass. Players who purchase all four passes will get the Halloween Pass 2 for free. Dutch’s outfit, The Redcliff is among the first bonuses the Club will award.
  • Due to player feedback, select items from previous Outlaw Passes will also become available for purchase over the coming weeks and months, starting with the Haraway Outfit and Rebellion Poncho (Madam Nazar), and Fast Travel from Wilderness Camp Pamphlet (and others) are available from Fences.
  • Complete the Covington Emerald on Ruthless Difficulty to unlock the following:
    • Pacific Union Cap (Madam Nazar’s Shop)
  • All Free Roam Mission contacts now offer their missions through a new Free Roam Mission menu.
  • New Daily Challenges and Awards are also being rolled out.
  • Players within sessions can also help craft the new playlist, “Nominated Series”.
  • After speaking to Martelli, head to the Fence to obtain the Hired Gun Kit, which contains the following:
    • Fierro Bandana
    • Ammo
    • Consumables
    • Capitale
  • Players who complete the Covington Emerald can claim the following:
    • Single Bandolier (Reward)
  • Players who complete the Covington Emerald on Ruthless can unlock the following for purchase:
    • Pacific Union Cap (Madam Nazar)
  • Visit the Benefits Hub to claim the following:
    • Accessory (100% Off – Reward)
    • Saloon Drinks (100% Off)
    • Stalls (30% Off)
    • American Paint Horses (40% Off)
    • Ammo Crafting Pamphlets (30% Off – Fence)
    • Sedative Varmint Cartridge Pamphlet (30% Off – Harriet Davenport)
    • Ability Cards (40% Off)
    • Role Improved Saddles & Saddlebags (30% Off)
    • Bounty Wagon (30% Off)
    • Varmint Rifle (30% Off)
    • Navy Revolver (30% Off)
    • Camp Dogs (40% Off)
    • Camp Themes (Including Role Camp Themes) (40% Off)
    • Clothing (40% Off – Gus’ Store)
    • Ponchos (40% Off)
    • Saddle (Up to RDO$200 – Reward – Free)
    • Treasure Maps (x2 – Free)
    • Fast Travel Post (40% Off – Offer)
  • Players can link their Rockstar Games Social Club and Prime Gaming accounts by visiting
  • The update also provides NVIDIA DLSS support for players on PC using eligible GeForce RTX graphics cards.
  • PlayStation players can also jump into RDO without a PlayStation Plus subscription from July 13 to July 26.
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